Step 1. Sending the documents

To apply for any of the programs offered by Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) please complete the application form available at our web site at or can be requested at Our manager will contact you via e-mail.

Send the completed application form by e-mail at

Attach the documents confirming your previous education: high school/college/bachelor degree diploma and transcript (the latter must be officially translated into Russian or English), short CV (all in English) and the copies of the relevant pages of your international passport.


Bachelor Degree Programs: from 20 June 2021 to 10 August 2021 for full time mode of study
from 20 June 2021 to 07 October 2021 for external study mode

Master Degree Programs: from 20 June 2021 to 21 August 2021
from 20 June 2021 to 20 October 2021 for external study mode

Post-graduate Programs: from 20 June 2021 to 19 August 2021 for full time mode of study
from 01 June 2021 to 19 August 2021 for external study mode


Step 2. Preparing the invitation

Invitations to Russia are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Administration for Migration Issues.

The procedure of issuing the Invitation starts within 2-3 working days after all the documents and information are received and the candidate is approved for admission. Duration of this procedure is 30 days.

Step 3. Obtaining the invitation

When the soft copy of your invitation is ready, we will send via e-mail the confirmation, needed to apply at the consular office in order to obtain your Student-Visa.

Step 4. Applying for single-entry student visa

Submit your official invitation and documents for the student visa at the place of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country of your residence. Check the list of required documents at the website of the Russian diplomatic mission in the country of your residence.

Documents Required for a Student Visa:

  • International passport (original) and a copy of the front page.
  • Official invitation for entry to Russia.
  • Application form.
  • Photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm (1.18 x1.57 inches).
  • HIV-negative status certificate.
  • For applicants under 18 years parental consent to travel certified by a notary.

*This is a general list. Consult the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country regarding your application.

Step 5. Legalization of the documents

Please note that by your arrival to VIHT, both your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript must be LEGALIZED (legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval in the Ministry of International Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that in the Russian Consulate - in both these organizations they should put a stamp on the back side of your documents or on their copies; in different countries there are different rules).

General questions of legalization of documents:

How to apply for the recognition procedure:

In accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation for the issuance of the Certificate of Recognition shall be paid the state fee. The amount of the state fee is 6500 rubles for one Certificate.

Step 6. Arrival to Voronezh

Please request for accommodation and inform the admission manager about the day and time of arrival to VIHT in advance via e-mail: (at least two weeks before the arrival).

In the customs zone you must fill in the migration card and after the customs officer puts a stamp on it you must keep it untill your departure from Russia.

On the day of your arrival or the next day (if it is a weekend) you should come to the International Education Centre with the following documents:

original passport;

original migration card;

original academic documents required for the program you were admitted to (the documents should be legalized in the Ministry of International Affairs of the country of citizenship);

6 photos 3*4 cm

Vaccination certificate issued in the country of permanent residence and translated into Russian;

Please pay attention that all the foreign students arriving to Russia must bring the documents for registration in the Migration Service within 3 days after crossing the border of the Russian Federation. The penalty for those who are late with registration varies from paying a fine to a deportation from Russia.

In case you pass all the steps successfully congratulations, you are admitted to VIHT!

For more details about the application procedure and tuition fees please contact:


International Education Center

Lenina 73 A

394043 Voronezh, Russia

Tel./fax: +7(473)220-56-04




The New Residence is situated in the Main Building offering double rooms with shared facilities. Free Wireless internet access available.

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