Centre of Civil Mutual Assistance

The Centre of Civil Mutual Assistance (hereinafter CCMA) was established on February 25, 2013 at the premises of Voronezh Institute of High Technologies. CCMA is a non-governmental non-profit social welfare service, which specializes in providing targeted services to citizens by efforts of specially trained volunteers.90% of volunteers are students who come to dispatching service after classes to receive citizens on the phone or meet with them to assist them in handling a problem. The honorary volunteers of CCMA are Alexei V. Gordeev, - the governor of Voronezh region and Alexei L. Kudrin, - the Chairman of the Committee of Civil Initiatives.

Today the Centre of Civil Mutual Assistance is

  • a response team of 90 volunteers;
  • a dispatching service, which receives citizens on a day-to-day basis
  • a coordinator of the regional stage of The "Civil Initiative" National Award;
  • a regional coordinator and a member of the "All-Russian Civil Forum";
  • a platform for learning at a distance school under the following programs: "Volunteer of a municipality", "Innovative project activity for the provision of social services to the population", "Management of social innovation project development";
  • a member of the Board of the International University Search and Rescue Council (IUSRC).
  • an initiator of the following charitable events:
    • theatrical performances and concerts at orphanages and boarding schools (residential schools) of the city and Voronezh region;
    • greening activities in improvement of the city natural zones and park areas;
    • sporting and preventive events, as well as actions aimed at a healthy lifestyle promotion;
    • support and assistance to the elderly;
    • collection of things, products and money resources for people who find themselves in difficult life situations;
    • participation in the Olympic Torch Relay, the All Russian Youth forum "Seliger", the regional youth educational forum "Molgorod" and many other regional and federal events.

If you care about the people around you, if you often come across with those who need help, and you would like to provide assistance, then volunteering at CCMA Voronezh seems to be your calling!

We invite you to become a volunteer of the Centre of Civil Mutual Assistance !

Here you can find contact information of the Centre of Civil Mutual Assistance of Voronezh Institute of High Technologies:

73 A Lenina Street, office 104
Voronezh, Russia, 394043

Director: Galina Perepelitsyna
Tel.: +7 (4732) 205-633